❆ Social System

◌ Social System consists of Contact SystemMail System, and Heart System ◌


⓵. Contact System

✯ When player reaches Lv16 will activate the Social System, then player can start add and search friend in IDX. There are two ways in add friend, the first one is searching nearby player at the same scene, as shown in the picture below:


✯ The second one is key in the player’s name which you wish to add friend at “Contact” interface, then click “Add to Contact” to add , as shown in the picture as below:


✯ A small gameplay for Contact System: After added friend, player can interact with each other through sending flowers at “Contact” interface. Tell you a small secret, number of flower sent can increase intimacy, and when the number reaches a certain amount, can increase your own attribute, thus please don’t waste the chances of sending flower to other player~

✯ Player can choose to sent 1 rose, 9 roses or 99 roses. Here we let you see the full screen effect of 99 roses, is that very nice?


⓶. Mail System

✯ Player can receive or sent mail through “Social” - “Mail”.

✯ At receive mail interface, player can check the mail content at right hand side by selecting the mail. If there is an attachment, can click “Extract” button to receive. If click the “Delete” button at left side can delete the selected mail whereas if not select any mail, will delete all the mail which do not have attachment.

(Hint: If there are few number of mails which consist of attachment, player can click at the empty place and a receive button will appear!)


✯ At write mail interface, player can manually key in the recipient ID, or select the friend’s ID from left hand side as recipient. Click “Send” to send the mail after key in the title and content.

⓷. Heart System

✯ Heart System, is another special gameplay in Social System. Player can send Heart to friend, and receive Heart from other player too at the same time.

✯ Sending Heart: From “Ranks” - “Friend Ranking” can send Heart to friend.

✯ Receiving Heart: Player can check the Heart sent by friend from “Social” - “Heart” and one-click extract to receive it


✯ Any function for Heart? Of course it has! This is another Welfare System in <IDX>, which is Pray. The Heart can be used in Pray to receive random treasure, and the most important thing is, it is free~


✯ Besides, at God’s Vault Instance, player can use Heart to take the challenge. Thus, more interact with others and get more Heart, which will help you never worry out of “ticket” of the God’s Vault Instance~


◌ That’s all for the Social System for <IDX>, please looking forward for more interesting content~