FAQ in Game

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1.    Q: When is the new server? When is my server going to merge?
A: We will not answer ANYONE about this question, that is a surprise ^^ Just looking forward to it 


2.    Q: Why I can’t ride my Aircraft? I am LV41 / LV42 / LV43 now.
A: No matter you are LV 43, or even LV50, you must clear your main quest as we also called it “Story” of LV41, once every quest of LV41 cleared, you could only unlock your aircraft.


3.    Q: My BP dropped a lot!!! I don’t know why please help!!!
A: First, check your title. Have you lost any title that will get expired? Second, check your pet, did you rest any battle pet, simply click “battle” of your pet to resume back your battle power (BP).


4.    Q: How much cost wedding, and how?

A: Normal wedding cost 500,000 coins, luxury wedding cost 1314 ingots, and royal wedding cost 3344 ingots, different kind of wedding getting different kind of wedding gift, once both of you intimacy reached 520, you may click "purpose" to check the wedding gifts.

5.    Q: I am currently married to someone, I am male class and she is female class. How would our marriage be if I change class to a female class too?

A: If you do class changing after married, your marriage will be remaining.


6.    Q: How to change my class? What are the requirements?

A: Fclass changing you have to find "TRANSFER EMISSARY" NPC in Luo Yang City. After class changing your BP might rise or drop a bit due to the different class has the different skill or different equipment battle power, please take note.


7.    Q: How do divorce? What happen if I make a divorce? Does it charge? If I am willing to do, but my partner do not agree, can I request for one-sided divorce?

A: Simply click your (Wedding Hall) – (Divorce) to check. Once divorced, your couple ring and both of your intimacy will drop into 0. Divorce charge 886 ingot(One-sided), 88600 coins(By both agreed).


8.    Q: I have purchased ingot of 120/240/888(Month Card)/508 or 1088(Legendary Card), why it never count into my single top up rewards/accumulative top up rewards/server total top up rewards?

A: Please note that the prices mentioned on above will not count into any extras top up rewards. These are the only special pricing own its own rewards. They are worth more than the price. There is also an red info above these top up (Other recharge reward are not available here)

9.    Q: I have transferred my good Jade stats into a new level of Jade, why I can’t get the same BP or even higher? My bp was dropped.

A: First, no matter how good stats you got from other Jade, once you do refinement and you refine away the original stat from Jade, 50/50 bp will drop or rise. Just an example for this, Patient 1 changed a heart with patient 2, would patient 1's new heart could function good like before? There is no confirming here.


10.  Q: I have got Plume from top up reward, but I can’t see anywhere in my bag or whatsoever, what’s wrong?

A: Plume is an extra feature for Wings. You can only access it when you have unlock the third Rank of your wings(Which is requires VIP9, not wing level, it is Wing Rank 3). Then you can access Soul Beast of your wings.


11.  Q: I have recycled my Pet Shards, why I get nothing from it? What is recycling pet shards for?

A: Recycling pet shards will only getting bestiary BP, you can check your pet interface, the bar of your bestiary bp.


12.  Q: Why my 3V3 reputation points rested? I have saved it for very long!

A: 3v3 points will be reset every first day of the new month.


13.  Q: I have bought fund investment in game, why it is lost? Give back my ingots!

A: As mentioned this is ‘fund investment’, you paid this for investment some of the achievement of your character, of course you have to finish it before the event ends. It has an event period over there, we could not and we won’t return any ingot for this case.

14. Q: Will my BP decrease after class transfer?

A: Yes, player’s BP will be adjusted after class transfer. For example, as a Tuoba Hwu character, let’s assume there are 100 STR provided by the gear. After class transfer to Yan TsuiHan, STR is not the main attributes anymore. Due to this reason, attack will be reduced 100 points(Main attribute grants 1 bonus attack).

15. Q: Does class transfer can be performed anytime?

A: Class transfer requires a character level of at least 70. Bears in mind that you unable to transfer when you are on mission.

16. Q: Can I change my gender through class transfer?

A: Class transfer allows you to transfer to other 3 classes. Thus, there is no gender restriction. Let’s take an example, if you play as a Tuoba Hwu, you may transfer to Yan TsuiHan, YeeYi or Zi Tum at your wish.

17. Q:  What will happen to my gear and armor after class transfer?

A: After class transfer, your gear and armor will definitely appear differently. You cannot expect Tuoba Hwu wearing a dress when fighting against the enemy. The extra BP provided by gear is depend on the class you choose. You may refer back to Question 1 for more details.