How to find my official purchased invoice?

Q: I have un-received ingots, but it has been credited from my bank/cards, what can I do?

A: First, calm down^^ Then, you may find our customer service team along with your details below

1. Sever and character name

2. A screenshot of your official purchase invoice(From AppStore/GooglePlay), if you have purchased successfully, you will be receiving an email for sure. Please check your mail box and get back to us. 

We do only can check from official invoice, but what if you have yet to receive the mail, there is another way to find out the transaction; (But please make sure you do these steps with a computer! Device couldn't get the full details from these steps.

Google play:


Note: Please be note that sometime GooglePlay takes time to received items, 1~10 minutes. For AppStore, the email will be receiving in 3 working days. 

Example of the screen shot we demand.

掉单 460556.png 897558 S13 Kitou.png

GooglePlay                                                                 AppStore