✤Update Announcement✤ 16/05/2017


To provide the better game experience, our server will be down again for new patching incoming on 19th May 2017, start from schedule below:
North America:18:00~18:30 (UTC-4)
Asia Pacific: 06:00~06:30 (UTC+8) 
Europe: 11:00~11:30 (UTC+1)
All servers will be affected, and we will announce at here if we can finish earlier or if there is any delay in finishing the updates, we sending our deep regret here first.
Kindly log out from the game 5 minutes before the start of the updates to avoid any unpredictable problems, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We’ve made the following changes.

1. Limited time quiz newly added

i, Move your fingers and think quickly, only the fastest will win;
ii, The questions will pop-up every full hours from 0800 to 2300, the system fairy will then release the questions in the general channel; 
 iii, The player that answers the fastest will get a random reward, and will also stand a chance to win the grand prize;
iv, 3 questions will be release every full hours, answering time for every question is 60 Seconds;
v, The winner will be announced after the answering period;

2. Optimized Homeland

i, Optimized the gifting effects of Homeland, solving the delay and flashing issues;
ii, Player's avatar added in the Homeland List;
iii, Comment wall will not show the info of liking others;
iv, Fixed Homeland's imperfect couple avatar issue;
v, Page refresh system added to optimize the comment wall's appearance;

So get ready to join us in the adventure again!