New Class - YanSooi Han


new class ---- Yan Sooi Han.

The new class—Yan Sooi Han is positioned as a swordman, weapon is Soul Devourer, expert in ice skill. He is fast, unpredictable and good at close quarter combat.

The new class normal attack is dissimilar with another classes’ four combo, it is faster and agile. His skill is designed to be linear skill which can cause much damage in the earlier stage. But when it is equipped by level 11 skill Four combo attack, he is free to advance or retreat while battle time. When he hits level 35, he could be equipped with a new skill called ‘Spiral Dash’. This skill could make him standing out from the other classes.



Yan Sooi Han-------Travelling the whole world with him Dragon Devourer Sword.


Class: Swordman, good at close quarter combat.

Class feature:  Good at Ice skill, fast, swift and agile.


Class skill:


1、 Four combo attack

The new class normal attack is dissimilar with other class, it is faster and more agile.


2、 Phantom Poke

Disturbing enemies by surrounding them.


3Overall Shift

Releasing linear skill, more damaged will be caused.


4Hexagon Chop

Can quickly walk away while close quarters combat, it can also be a killing skill.



5Blade Hack


Releasing skill quickly by slashing sword toward enemies, it is designed to expand attack area, but it demands a longer cooling time. The less enemies you attack, the more damage will be caused.


6Spiral Dash


Standing out from the corresponding class battle, being free to advance or retreat while battle time.



7Sword- riding Thor

Attacking enemies around, cause six damages in six seconds.



8Fiery Shadow

Summon lots of flying sword to bomb a specific area. The more targets you shot the higher damage will be caused.



9Element Retribution


Releasing weapon of ice element and thunder element continuously, wide-range attack with long duration.