☊ Aircraft System

✡ When player reaches certain level, can open the Aircraft System through main menu - “Aircraft”. Player can slide upward or downward on the character to ride on or get off from the Aircraft. Other than an attractive image, the Aircraft will add on certain attributes too.

✡ Aircraft System divided into 2 parts, which are “Advance” and “Transform”.

✡ In Advance interface, clicking “Ingot Advance” or “Auto Advance” button, will cost ingot or item for advancement respectively. Aircraft Advance not only increase the attributes, but also for a better and cool Aircraft image. 


⓵. Aircraft Advance


✡ Advance through costing ingot or item, will improve rank by rank, and different image for different rank. The higher the rank, the nicer the Aircraft image.

⓶. Aircraft Transform


✡ In the Aircraft Transform interface, player can see the Aircraft image which get from advancement or Aircraft Transform Card. Select any activated image will transform it to the current scene image. Aircraft transform will not affect the attributes.