☋ Spirit System

✪ For most of the people who cultivate immortality, they never fear for deprivation and hunger, living in the wilderness, or fight with the monsters, they just afraid the torture of loneliness which already cause a lot of people to choose the road of no return. However, for those who cultivate immortality in <IDX> never worry about this, it is because, they have the Spirit which has millennium cultivation to accompany them.

✪ When player reaches certain level and completed the corresponding quest, will activate the Spirit System. 


✪ The Spirit is weaker at the beginning, but it will grow stronger and stronger when upgrade the level by cultivate it. When the character's ability increase, player will get a more strong and unique Spirit. 

☞ Symbol of Unparalleled Strength - Upbeat Fighter 


☞ Founder of Mystic Voodoo - Ancient Witch 


☞ Sacrificed to Save Father - Dragon Lady 


✪ Other than the above, there are many more powerful Spirits waiting for you and make your cultivate journey become fun and colorful.