☸ Pet System

①. Pet Activate

 When player reaches Lv14 will activate the Pet System. Those cute pet will make you happy along the journey (Picture 1).


②. Pet Skill

 There are 3 types of Pet Skill, which are active, passive, and assist skill. To enter Pet interface, click the “Pet” button whereas to enter Pet Skill interface, click “Pet Skills” button (Picture 2).


③. Pet Training

 Player can choose the way he/she likes to growth the pet. The 3 most common ways are Free Training, Ingot Training, and Item Training. 

⊛ Everyday will have certain chances of Free Training, after finish the chances, player can choose to spend item or ingot to proceed the training. 


④. Bestiary

 After the player successful summon a pet, there sure will add on certain attributes on pet (Picture 4). Besides, through transform the pet image, will add on certain attributes too.