Yee Yi's Skill Guide

[Skill setup] : 

right click the skill button of the left to choose skill, while doing so, click the skill boxes on the right to set the skill.


[Skill Effects] :

1.  attackers would be knocked back, causing them to be unable to attack.

2. invulnerable to any attacks or skill effects

3. Cast on opponent to cause them to float above the ground. Floating opponents cannot cast skills or attack.

4. Bashes the opponent, stunning them. Stunned opponents cannot cast skills or move. Stuns cannot be removed.

5. Ignores floating or blocking. Dispels any of these two skills when casted.

6. Silences the target, causing them to be unable to cast spells. Silenced enemies can still attack normally.

7. Slows the enemy's movement speed.

 [Skill Effects]:

 Icebound: activates on level 1. Level 1 skill effect: Each attack of the Ice Orb will deal 38% damage. ❃ Snow Dance: activates on level 4. Level 1 skill effect: Deals 473% damage on target around (With Monster Attract, Weakening and Omnipotent).

 Ice Block: activates on level 11. Level 1 skill effect: Deals 315% damge on targets around (With Slow).

 Penetrating Dash: activates on level 16. Level 1 skill effect : Dashes for 450 of distance, and deals 240% damage on targets around. (With Omnipotent. While being released, it can remove debuffs like Float as well as casting omnipotent on caster.

 Fire Rain: activates on level 26. Level 1 skill description: Deals 675% damage on targets around.

 Firelord’s Summoning: activates on level 35. Level 1 skill effect: Deals 540% damage on targets around( With Float).

 Windtrap: activates on level 50. Level 1 skill effect:  Deals 504% damage on targets around (WITH Invincibility, Omnipotent and Float).

 Absolute Zero: activates on level 60. Level 1 skill effect: Deals 891% damage on targets around(With Float).

 Tornado: activates on level 70. Level 1 skill effect: Deals 1365% damage on targets around (With Float).

 Skill setup: setup the 4 skills according to the situation. Arranging the skills in a good order allows the battle to go more smoothly.